Giorgia Roversi
Designer, Artist, Painter

I am an artist based between Barcelona and Venice. In 2017, after having worked for many years in the communication and advertisement sectors, I decided to focus myself only in my career as a painter.

I graduated in Anatomy and Medical Design in the Univesità degli Studi di Bologna, I changed this career to work for nearly twelve years as Creative Art Director in various renowned international advertising agencies, DDB being one of them.

During this time I realized numerous campaigns for important firms such as Audi, Volkswagen, United Nations, World Health Organization, Barcelona Football Club, Knorr, Danone, Lipton and many others. As a publicist I learned to work under pressure on several projects at once, and gained a thorough understanding of how the industry works through dealing with customers, planners, brand managers, designers, producers, models etc.

Despite working full time as a publicist, my artistic education never stopped as I was always learning from the work of other artists and great photographers who I was fortunate enough to know and work with in Barcelona.

In 2017, driven by my passion for the visual arts I decided to leave behind advertising and to devote myself entirely to my artistic activity, to somehow reconnect with the spontaneity I had in my childhood. Thus, over the last year I have launched myself on a new career path, experimenting with various self-taught techniques of pictorial representation, formats and themes, which have guided how I define my vision and identity as an artist. This change in my life has given rise to deep personal introspection, closely linked to what now shapes my body of work.

My art reflects a society where the individual is alone and lost. It is a reflexion about the liquid society where nothing lasts forever, where pillars and fundamentals have disappeared and the globalized citizen does not find certainties. Everything flows and nothing becomes a habit because every single fact does not last in time.

And in the center of all this, we find mankind submerged in a kind of neoclassic portrait projected in a blurry future, with fake selfies and their own fear of what is yet to come.